TWICE’s Tzuyu Saw Herself At The Airport… And Her Reaction Was Priceless

Tzuyu really is the cutest!

When idols head to the airport, usually fans are drawn in by their biases amazing fashion and stand out visuals. Recently, however, when ONCEs spotted TWICE at the airport it wasn’t just their style and visuals that had fans smiling.


The top girl group certainly did have everyone smiling when they arrived at Gimpo International Airport for their trip to Japan for MAMA Fans Choice In Japan.


All of the members’ fashion choices were on point and each of the members looked absolutely gorgeous.


Fans couldn’t help but admire their beauty and smile at seeing the group with their own big grins.


But the group’s maknae really stole the spotlight.


With her elegant style and shining hair, fans couldn’t help but say that Tzuyu was turning the airport into her very own fashion runway!


Tzuyu’s had so many cameras pointed in her direction that ONCEs were quick to notice the exact moment Tzuyu caught sight of herself and fell in love with her adorable reaction.


As she was walking along…


Tzuyu suddenly caught sight of herself in the crowd. Specifically a cardboard cutout of herself!


The moment Tzuyu caught sight of it, she started to smile and her smile just kept growing!


Although the adorable moment wasn’t caught on video, the pictures say it all and what the pictures say is that Tzuyu couldn’t be any cuter!

Source: @delta_trap