Fans Want To Know Why Tzuyu’s Makeup Is So Weird In These CFs

There’s something a bit strange about Tzuyu in TWICE’s new CF promotions.

TWICE recently modelled for Beanpole‘s 2018 sports collection, and netizens noticed something a bit strange about Tzuyu’s makeup in the promotional images.


For an unknown reason, a line has been drawn in reddish eyeliner around her right eye – an addition that none of the other members have.


While of course she still looks beautiful, the line does look a little strange in the context of the CF.


It’s especially noticeable in the images with other members, who have softer eye makeup.


It also stands out against the white, green and black sweatshirt she is modelling in this image.


Tzuyu’s eye makeup remained in all of the CF images, no matter what the girls were modelling.


It’s also in the television advertisement, where Tzuyu appears with some of the other TWICE members in a spin class.


Fans are asking why Tzuyu’s eye is like that, and trying to think of reasons or what it could mean.

“Why is her eye like that? — @kogepan_1020

  • “Lol omg Tzuyu’s eyeliner thingy.”
  • “What are you doing on Tzuyu’s face?”
  • “Tzuyu looks so different here…”
  • “What happened to Tzuyu’s face?”
  • “Tzuyu… no… ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “It kind of looks like it could be a V company logo…?”
  • “Cat eyes?”
  • “I think of the V app when I see Tzuyu’s eye makeup.”
  • “Beautiful Tzuyu, what happened to your eyes?”


Watch the full Beanpole Sport advertisement below: