TWICE Tzuyu’s ridiculously graceful shot goes viral

TWICE‘s Tzuyu has been receiving a lot of attention lately for a GIF of her shooting an arrow during this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships.

When lining up to take her shot during the archery competition, Tzuyu accidentally had her hair caught in her arrow, which eventually caused her to miss her shot. Despite the accidental hair flip negatively affecting her shot, however, the internet has become obsessed with how beautiful she looked while shooting the arrow.

After initially going viral on Twitter, the post has also been featured on multiple popular social media websites, such as Reddit9GAG, and Imgur. In fact, even Hollywood director Taika Waititi (who is directing the upcoming Marvel blockbuster movie Thor: Ragnarok) has retweeted a clip of Tzuyu’s shot.

With hundreds and thousands of views and tens of thousands of shares across multiple platforms, Tzuyu’s ridiculously graceful shot at the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships is quickly becoming one of the most viral moments in K-Pop this year. Check out the short clip below:

Next level hairflip from gifs


Since its initial viral success, Tzuyu’s GIF has even been covered by Buzzfeed, one of the largest media websites on the internet.

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