TWICE Once Revealed Unexpected Reasons Why Fans’ Love For Them Is “Really Amazing”

“We are so happy.”

TWICE are fully aware of how hard fans work to help them reach the top, and they’re endlessly grateful for it!

In a past live broadcast, the girls thanked fans over and over again for helping them win the “New K-Wave Favorite Female Bias Award” at the 2020 Soribada Awards.

Calling them “precious,” Sana was touched by the extreme dedication and effort that fans always exert to help them win the awards. She knows that it isn’t easy to win, but fans made it possible for them.

Whenever we win an award, we are so happy. But that must be tough! It’s not easy to win such an award because that requires a lot of effort and support from fans. That’s so precious.

— Sana

Nayeon then revealed how grateful she is because, with fans’ help, they were able to donate to a good cause. “ONCEs helped us donate thanks to that for two years in a row.

With a huge smile on her face, Tzuyu expressed amazement at how fans could love them so much even if they don’t have any reason to. “They like us without any reason. That’s really amazing.

Agreeing with Tzuyu’s words, Sana added that fans are particularly incredible because it isn’t easy to do so much for people they like.

It’s not easy doing so many things because you like someone…It’s not easy at all.

— Sana

Fans have countless reasons to love such wonderful girls, but this just goes to show that TWICE are the sweetest for recognizing and appreciating their efforts!

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Source: YouTube