TWICE Wear The Most Adorable Costumes At Recent Fansign

It’s hard to think that TWICE could get any cuter, but they proved it’s possible when they wore onesies to a fansign event.

Everyone enjoys going to their favorite groups’ fansigns, so it was a real treat when TWICE showed up in the most adorable onesies. Nayeon was spotted wearing a white and yellow onesie, while Chaeyoung wore an adorable tiger onesie and Jeongyeon in green.

Even when she's not smiling, we can't help but fall for Jeongyeon! / Source: 동인천급행
Even when she’s not smiling, we can’t help but fall for Jeongyeon!
She looks terrific in stripes!
Smile for the camera!

The girls looked super comfy and relaxed while they entertained their lovely ONCE fandom and it’s not hard to see why! Onesies bring out TWICE’s inner children even more than usual and they had a lot of fun being playful and silly.

Tzuyu transformed into a flying squirrel for the fansign.
Jihyo uses magic to become a majestic onesie animal.
TWICE sandwich, anyone?

Check out this fancam of their fan event! It doesn’t get any more precious than this.