TWICE Wishes ONCE Happy Valentine’s Day, And Their Messages Will Make Your Heart Smile

Will you say “yes” or “yes” to TWICE this Valentine’s Day?

TWICE has a special message for their ONCE, and it will make their hearts smile

In the video uploaded to their YouTube channel TWICE on February 14 (KST) each member shared a sweet message especially from them.


Source: TWICE./YouTube

ONCEs! Guess what I prepared for you guys! Tada! It’s chocolate! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share some sweets with you so you can have a sweet day. Let me make sure they’re not poisoned though… (Other voice: Are you sure it’s for checking purposes?) Mm. It’s not poisoned! (Other voice: You just wanted a bite!) Enjoy!



Source: TWICE./YouTube

ONCEs! You know what day it is, right? No? How can you not know? It’s Valentine’s Day today. Look, I even got us chocolate. It’s not much, but please take it!



Source: TWICE./YouTube

Guess what this is! These are chocolates I got to share with you, ONCEs! Indulge yourselves and let’s have a wonderful day~ Happy Valentine’s!



Source: TWICE./YouTube

Dalcomhan~ (sweet) chocolate I did bring! On Valentine’s Day, you’re supposed to eat really sweet chocolate and that’s supposed to pick up your mood. This box actually has my love in it, so it’s going to be even sweeter! Happy Valentine’s!



Source: TWICE./YouTube

ONCEs! Here’s my love for you guys. Thank for always being on our side and let’s stay sweet to each other forever!



Source: TWICE./YouTube

Happy Valentine’s Day, ONCEs! This box of chocolates is full of happiness and joy. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!



Source: TWICE./YouTube

Hey ONCEs, here’s a poem for you on Valentine’s Day. ‘I’ve been waiting anxiously to be able to say this… and no coke or sprite can make this feeling go away… Only you can quench this thirst, ONCEs!’ Enjoyyyy



Source: TWICE./YouTube

Hey ONCEs, this is Chaeyoung. This is a chocolate bar. It’s not small – like my love for you guys. So EAT THIS.



Source: TWICE./YouTube

Happy Valentine’s Day! I got some chocolate for my ONCEs. I put my love in the box too, so I hope you take it. You’re going to take it, right?


Watch their greetings, as well as to see behind-the-scenes cuts: