TWICE’s Biggest Fan IZ*ONE’s Nako Was Spotted At TWICE’s Public Fan Sign

The president of TWICE’s fan club strikes again.

TWICE held a fan sign event at Starfield Coex Mall on June 12th hosted by Pocari Sweat, one of TWICE’s major sponsors. Not all ONCEs at the event realised that among them was the president of TWICE’s fan club, IZ*ONE’s Yabuki Nako.

A few keen fans did notice however and they took to social media to point out that Nako was among them at the event. One fan even got a picture with Nako at a nearby station.

I saw Nako unnie at Starfield in Samsung Station.

– Caption

Other fans reported seeing Nako at the event. It looks like Nako will take any opportunity to see her favourite group and especially her bias Jihyo.

Yabuki Nako’s love of TWICE is well-documented, she was a huge fan even before IZ*ONE debuted and it looks like she got to see her favourite group in person once more.