TWICE’s Chaeyoung Finally Got To Invite Wouter Hamel And His Band For Their Concert In Seoul

They met up after the concert!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is a big fan of Dutch pop singer, Wouter Hamel.

She’s declared her love for the song, “Breezy”, on numerous occasions.

When Hamel and his band toured Asia, she got to live every fangirl’s dream by meeting her idol in person!

She even presented Hamel with a signed copy of TWICE’s latest album at that time, Summer Nights.

Now, Hamel and his band have repaid the favour by accepting Chaeyoung’s invite to TWICELIGHTS in Seoul!

Chaeyoung expressed her gratitude in an instagram post.

In the post, she thanked Wouter Hamel and his band for taking time out of their schedules to accept her invitation.

She also posed for a picture with her signed copy of Wouter Hamel’s album!

Looks like both the artists are now huge fans of one another!