TWICE’s Chaeyoung has the most supportive little brother ever

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and her little brother Jeonghun are capturing everyone’s hearts with their close bond and adorable selfies.

Earlier in February, photos of Chaeyoung at her brother’s graduation appeared when he and his friends began posting on Instagram. Most have been deleted, but since then, Jeonghun posted a series of sweet photos with his sister.

#남매 #남매스타그램 #트와이스 #채영 #누나

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Their mother also posted a sweet video, showcasing her lovely children.

사이좋은 남매? #어렸을때부터이러고논답니다 #내강지들

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It is obvious that good looks run in the family.

Jeonghun is an aspiring model and has posted before at Esteem. It seems his two loves are his sister and modeling as he follows models, modeling agencies and a plethora of Chaeyoung fan accounts.

Chaeyoung wasn’t the only TWICE member with a supportive brother. Mina‘s older brother has shown great support for his sister as well. Both Kai and Jeonghun attended TWICELAND.