TWICE’s Choreographer, Lia Kim, Is So Beautiful She Could Be A Member

TWICE’s choreographer is not only an extraordinary dancer, she’s extraordinarily charismatic as well!

This is Lia Kim, the choreographer who worked with TWICE on “TT” and “Like Ooh-Aah”.


She has also worked with other famous K-Pop artists including BoA, Wonder Girls, Sunmi, Lee Hyori, I.O.I and Playback.


She is known to have trained TWICE since their trainee days.


Lia Kim is a part of 1Million Dance Studio, a studio with numerous talented dance instructors who have previously worked with famous stars such as 2NE1, GOT7, HyunA and f(x).


The choreographer has a mesmerizing charisma about her, with a bob cut that suits her exceptionally well.

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Her hair and overall image almost make her resemble Gain.


Photos of herself posted on her SNS account show that she even has a great sense of fashion.

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And not only that, she has a rocking body as well!


But most of all, it’s her dance and choreography skills that make her shine. She has even filmed an advertisement that features her dancing.

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Check out Lia Kim’s “TT” choreography below!

This original choreography was slightly changed for the actual choreography of “TT”.

Source: Lia Kim