TWICE’s comeback stage gained them more fangirls than fanboys

TWICE wins girls’ heart with their visuals, dancing, and cheerful sound!

TWICE won thousands of hearts with their “What Is Love?” comeback stage, and most of those hearts belonged to female fans!


Many girl groups have a larger male fanbase, but according to NaverTV‘s viewership stats, 60% of TWICE’s comeback stage viewers were female, while only 40% were male!

Most of the viewers, both male and female, were in their twenties.


TWICE’s fangirls love the members’ stunning visuals…


…fun choreography…


…and, of course, their catchy music! “What Is Love?’s” cheerful, upbeat sound brings happiness to every TWICE fangirl’s day!


It’s no wonder women are falling head over heels for these charming and talented ladies!


Check out their full comeback stage below: