TWICE’s Dahyun Accidentally Revealed Tzuyu’s Next Hair Color

Spoiler alert!

Dahyun accidentally revealed Tzuyu‘s next hair color to ONCEs!

During a recent V Live with fans, Tzuyu talked about her new hair color. She shared that it isn’t black even though it may look like it.

My hair isn’t black.

– Tzuyu

Dahyun then accidentally announced what color it will be, much to Tzuyu’s surprise.

When the color fades, it will be purple.

– Dahyun

Tzuyu cutely scolded Dahyun for spilling the secret. Dahyun repeatedly apologized while defending herself by saying she was not told it was supposed to be a secret.

I wasn’t supposed to say it? Sorry! You didn’t tell me it’s a secret. Sorry!

– Dahyun

Dahyun asked ONCEs to pretend they never heard it and once again apologized to Tzuyu.

ONCEs, it’s a secret! Pretend you don’t know. Sorry, Tzuyu!

– Dahyun

The conversation ended with Tzuyu also asking ONCEs to pretend they don’t know the secret.

You must pretend to not know.

– Tzuyu

Watch their interaction below!


Source: Twitter