TWICE’s Dahyun And Dreamcatcher’s Gahyeon Snap A Photo To Celebrate “Feel Special” Win

The close friends finally got to meet up.

TWICE‘s Dahyun and Dreamcatcher‘s Gahyeon are known to have a close friendship from theme park dates to attending each others’ concerts. Now that both groups are currently promoting at the same time, TWICE with “Feel Special” and Dreamcatcher with “Deja Vu”, it was the perfect opportunity for them to meet up.


Gahyeon uploaded the photo they snapped together to Dreamcatcher’s Twitter and congratulated Dahyun on TWICE’s first “Feel Special” win.

This is the first time we’re both wearing make-up in a picture together! Lol. Congrats on #1!

It seems like their friendship is still as strong as ever. Fans of both groups will be looking forward to seeing more moments of them together.