TWICE’s Dahyun And Her Flawless Skin Shines In The Airport

Drop the skincare routine, please!

TWICE was seen in Gimpo International Aiport on August 25 heading to Tokyo, Japan, for their Breakthrough Hi-Touch event on the 26th. There, Dahyun took everyone’s breath away with her barefaced beauty.

She was seen with no make-up, only sporting lip balm. People can’t believe how gorgeous someone can be even without make-up, with fans pointing out how flawless her milky white skin is.

Many also comment on how Dahyun is always smiling, even if she seems tired. Because of this, fans and netizens agree that she seems genuinely kindhearted and always seems to care about others feeling comfortable.

She’s a good celebrity because she always smiles.

ONCEs and netizens alike are hoping Dahyun, and the rest of TWICE have a safe flight to Japan and enjoy their time with the Hi-Touch.

Dahyun, you’re so pretty today. Have a nice trip!

Source: Naver (1) and (2)