TWICE’s Dahyun Is The Korean Version Of Elsa From “Frozen”

Dahyun is a true princess!

With TWICE‘s recent comeback promotions for “Feel Special,” much of the outfits that Dahyun wore made her look like a princess! And a very familiar one at that!

ONCEs started to notice that Dahyun looked a lot like the Korean version of Elsa from “Frozen” because of the way she was styled and of her outfits!

Dahyun’s braided hair even adds to her “Queen Elsa look” making her look even more like the character and even more stunning as well.

Many fans have been comparing her to Elsa and have seen great resemblance between the two!

Whether Dahyun looks like Elsa or not, Dahyun will forever be a princess in ONCEs’s hearts!