TWICE’s Dahyun Revealed She Confessed Her Love For Tzuyu The First Time They Met

Love at first sight?

With her goddess-like visuals, TWICE‘s Tzuyu collects hearts wherever she goes. She even comes up with slick lines that will make your heart shake!

Dahyun revealed that she wanted to talk to Tzuyu so badly when they first met, she said: “wo ai ni” (I love you) because that was all she knew!

We’ve provided a transcript of their discussion below:

Dahyun: So when I first met you, I said “wo ai ni” because that’s all I knew…
Tzuyu: Scoot up, scoot up.
Dahyun: Yeah, the first thing I told Tzuyu as soon as I met her was “wo ai ni”.
Tzuyu: Yeah.
Dahyun: That’s all I knew.
Tzuyu: She said every Chinese word she knew.
Dahyun: Because I wanted to talk to you.
Tzuyu: “Ni hao~” and she told me her name. Then she said, “wo ai ni”.

While it’s common knowledge that the members of TWICE are close, few of us could have expected it to be love at first sight! 😉