TWICE’s Dahyun Says She Had The Best Scene In TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” Music Video

She should definitely be in a commercial.

TWICE‘s Dahyun recently guested on GOT7 Youngjae‘s Best Friend radio show to promote TWICE’s latest single, “Talk That Talk.”

GOT7’s Youngjae (left) and TWICE’s Dahyun (right) | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

In a post-show interview released on MBC Radio’s YouTube channel, she revealed that although it was her first time appearing on the series, she felt comfortable since she was a trainee at the same time as Youngjae at JYP Entertainment.

| MBC Radio/YouTube

She was also asked what she thought the best scene in the entire music video of “Talk That Talk” was.

Although there are dozens of beautiful shots of the TWICE members, Dahyun decided to go with a scene she starred in, showing some awesome confidence and self-love!

Specifically, she was referring to a shot wherein she turns around to look at something on a screen above her. Dahyun said she felt she could do a great job as a shampoo model!

She was also gracious enough to recreate the scene on set.

There have to be some companies watching. ONCEs will look forward to seeing if Dahyun can land a commercial soon!

Watch the full post-show interview with TWICE’s Dahyun below!

Source: MBC Radio/YouTube