TWICE’s “‘FANCY’ Cute Video” Music Video Is The Chaotic Good That The World Needs

If you thought TWICE couldn’t get any cuter, think again.

On May 15, TWICE released a “cute version” of their “FANCY” music video. It seems to be a relay dance of sorts that is completely unrehearsed, which makes it that much better. The entire video is one long, adorable outtake.

The entire video is a riot, but some highlights to point out are Momo clearing the way like the queen she is…

… staticky Dahyun attracting balloons Jihyo, Chaeyoung, and Jeongyeon


… and Jihyo being braver than the marines by getting so close to the camera to show the world all the flaws she doesn’t have. When you’re Jihyo you can do that with no worries.

Watch the full hilarity in the video below: