TWICE’s fans set out on online campaign to cheer up Jeongyeon

A hashtag for TWICE’s Jeongyeon went viral as an effort by fans to let her know that she’s beautiful. 

Recently, a fan account posted online detailed a fan’s conversation that made Jeongyeon somewhat sad. According to the post, a fan from their recent fan sign event kept calling her “hyung” (“older brother”), making Jeongyeon question her feminity. She even mentioned the incident to fellow TWICE member Dahyun who assured her that she was beautiful. She was reportedly saddened by the random comment especially after keeping her promise to grow her hair out this year. 

In an effort to cheer Jeongyeon up, her fans started a hashtag campaign to get her attention and assure her that she’s beautiful. Pictures of Jeongyeon have been posted all over Twitter with the hashtags #정연너무예쁘다 and its English translation #PrettyJeongyeon, praising her appearance.

Have a look at the translated account of the incident below.

Check out some of the tweets below: