TWICE’s Female Bodyguard Is So Cool And Fans Are Falling In Love With Her

People are falling for TWICE’s bodyguard.

Recently, GIFs and photos of TWICE‘s female bodyguard have made their rounds and fans are freaking out over how cool she is.

While in Incheon Airport, TWICE was seen walking with fans around them. Momo was smiling to the fans but as she did so, lost her balance. TWICE’s female bodyguard caught sight of this and rushed over to help her, holding her back and arm to keep her steady. Momo smiles at her, and the bodyguard smiles back. The two were even seen chatting, and many believe the two are friendly with each other!

During an awards show, TWICE were seen signing autographs and interacting with fans. Nayeon was signing some papers. Suddenly, the bodyguard swoops in and puts her hands below the papers so that Nayeon has a surface to write on. Fans arer swooning over how chic the bodyguard is!

She was also seen putting her hand over the girl’s heads as they exited their vans to go to the airport. These small actions have made fans fall in love with her chic and cool aura. Many are glad JYP Entertainment hired a female bodyguard, since the girls seem more comfortable with her and they can hold and protect the girls without getting hated on.

Source: Pann