TWICE’s First Solo Concert Sells Out In 40 Minutes

TWICE‘s first solo concert tour has sold out in just 40 minutes, further cementing the group as one of the most popular rookie groups in all of K-Pop.

TWICE debuted just two years ago and the group has quickly become a dominant force in the music industry. With catchy songs such as “Like Ooh Ahh,” “Cheer Up,” and “TT,” it’s no wonder they have such a strong fanbase. The group has already won multiple awards and broken YouTube records in an extremely short amount of time.

Tickets for TWICE’s first concert tour, TWICE 1ST TOUR “TWICELAND -The Opening-,”  want on sale this past January 20th at 8PM KST. The three-day concert tickets sold out in just a mind-blowing forty minutes for the standing area as well as the designated seating section.

Their first concert will be held at the SK Olympic Park Handball Gymnasium in Seoul from February 17 to 19.

Don’t forget to check out their adorable YouTube invitation below!