Fans Discover Secret Function Included In TWICE’s New “Knock Knock” Cards

Fans are finding more secret functions included in TWICE’s new set of official merchandise. 

Recently, fans discovered an unexpected function from a gift included in TWICE’s latest album. The photos depicting how to use such function was detailed in an online post and has captured interest since.

The secret function, when done right, can literally make any TWICE member go “Knock Knock” on your door. A secret function designed as a pun on their latest title track.

The fan showed this photo card of Sana as an example.

According to this fan, one only has to cut through the dotted lines as shown on the photo card. Once that is done, the card is then folded and adjusted accordingly to every fan’s door monitor. In this case, it looks like Sana is at your door every time someone rings your bell.

Sana goes “Knock Knock” on this genius photo card hack.
Your very own TWICE member whenever the bell rings!

An interesting function out of their photocard right? However, this is not the first time that fans found something peculiar on their official merchandise. Recently, fans “discovered” a photocard of J.Y Park in their merchandise release.

Source: Instiz