TWICE’s hilarious reaction when BLACKPINK and EXO songs play

TWICE‘s hilarious reaction when BLACKPINK and EXO songs play has fans laughing.

During the airing of M COUNTDOWN on March 2nd, there was a segment called “Dance Dance Together with TWICE” where the members talked about their “Knock Knock” dance and showcased different versions.

The segment featured a question asking whether the girls had any stories to share when they were practicing the choreography. Chaeyoung replied saying that their choreography is in fact, very dangerous. Although It seemed hard to believe at first, Momo then accidentally hit Jihyo in the head with her arm in surprise.

Jihyo then requested for fellow member Jungyeon to show off her chic dance moves. When Jihyo saw Dahyun on the side copying Jungyeon, she pulls Dahyun to the center and asks for her version of the dance. The girls continued to show fans the girl crush version of their song.

Finally, for the last segment, the girls spun a roulette containing different versions of their dance. The roulette landed on “random song dance” which meant the girls had to continue dancing to their song even when other songs began playing.

They were doing fine during the beginning until BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” started playing. Some of the members paused in their spots and began dancing to BLACKPINK’s choreography instead! When EXO’s “Overdose” started playing, all the members ran into a formation and automatically began dancing.

Check out the video below!