TWICE’s Jeongyeon Isn’t Scared Of This Spooky Thing

Most people would be terrified, but not Jeongyeon!

During an August 18 (KST) live broadcast, Jeongyeon mentioned to her TWICE group mates that she had been watching Hotel Del Luna. Sana and Nayeon excitedly replied that they’d both been watching it too. After Sana added that she found it a bit scary and shared that she tries to turn her phone away from her when a scary scene occurs, Jeongyeon asked her why she found it scary. Surprised, Nayeon responded by asking whether she ever gets scared watching Hotel Del Luna.

Jeongyeon’s response was empathetic and explained perfectly why she isn’t afraid of ghosts! 👻

They all have their reasons for haunting.


It was even noted during the live broadcast that, “All the ghosts in the world would be touched by Jeongyeon and be able to let go of their attachment to the world and go to their afterlives.”

Not only is Jeongyeon brave, but she has a very big heart toward understanding the unknown!