TWICE’s Jeongyeon Named Perfect Girlfriend Material By Mom On “Hello Counselor”

She wanted her son to date someone just like Jeongyeon.

During an episode of Hello Counselor, a mother who was concerned about her son’s dating life appeared on the show. She was asked what kind of girl she wanted him to date.

At first, the mother said any girl would be fine because her son could easily talk to them. When asked about looks though, she clarified that TWICE‘s Jeongyeon would be the perfect choice.

She explained her reasoning by saying that Jeongyeon is tall and looks like a kind person. And, kindness seems to be the most important trait that mothers usually want their children’s significant others to have.

ONCEs have known all along that Jeongyeon is a sweet person that anyone would be lucky to be around let alone date, and this is further proof to support that.