TWICE’s Jeongyeon Nearly Loses Her Mind Being Teammates With Lee Kwang Soo

The interaction between these two is hilarious!

TWICE recently guested on Running Man, and had many hilarious moments.

One member who had many hilarious moments was Jeongyeon.

A big reason why Jeongyeon had many hilarious moments is that she was teammates with Lee Kwang Soo, who is known as quite the betrayer on Running Man.

The two have some hilarious moments as soon as the episode begins, as Jeongyeon spots an envelope needed for their mission.

While Jeongyeon was the person who spotted the envelope first, that didn’t stop Lee Kwang Soo from going after it.

The two also ran into trouble when a couple of their teammates got cornered by another team. Lee Kwang Soo didn’t seem to mind, as he suggested betraying them.

Jeongyeon eventually convinces Lee Kwang Soo to check on their teammates, but he makes a run for it once he understands the situation.

Lee Kwang Soo ends up leaving Jeongyeon alone, which didn’t make her happy.

The other teams start making a deal with Jeongyeon, as they want to teach Lee Kwang Soo a lesson. Jeongyeon shows no hesitation when asked to betray Lee Kwang Soo.

Once the two meet again, Jeongyeon can’t help but feel betrayed.

Once Jeongyeon gets the opportunity, she attempts to eliminate Lee Kwang Soo but fails. This leads to some awkward interactions between the two, as they can’t stop laughing at the situation.

While the two were walking around, Lee Kwang Soo runs off alone again, which leads to Jeongyeon’s elimination.

Once eliminated, Jeongyeon let her feelings be known.

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