TWICE’s Jeongyeon Points Out The Part Of Her Body She Thinks Is Ugliest

Jeongyeon confessed that she is insecure about this part of her body…

TWICE’s Jeongyeon appeared on KBS2’s Hello Counselor along with fellow TWICE members Tzuyu and Sana.

Hello Counselor is a talk show that invites ordinary people to share their life stories and issues.


In the episode, one of the hosts Lee Young Ja asked the girls whether they were “the three responsible for the visuals of the group”.

“(How are we supposed to answer that…)”


When Tzuyu and Sana couldn’t find a way to respond, Jeongyeon confidently stated, “Yes, we are.” 


Then when Lee Young Ja asked them if there was anything about their appearance that they didn’t like, Jeongyeon confessed that her hands were not pretty and that they were wrinkly.

“My hands are not pretty. They have a lot of wrinkles.” ㅡ Jeongyeon


The hosts reassured her that they were pretty as is.


In fact, other photos of Jeongyeon show that she has beautiful hands with wrinkles no where to be seen!


And even if she is insecure about her hands, she has nothing to worry about since her incredible charm can cover just about anything!

Source: Dispatch