TWICE’s Jeongyeon And Sana Freestyled The Choreography For “Hush”, And ONCEs Can’t Get Enough Of It

They couldn’t remember the choreography and decided to wing it!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon and Sana have some of the best moves among the girls.

But sometimes, they forget the choreography too!

During TWICE’s performance in the SBS Super Concert in Gwangju, the girls were asked to perform a special stage for Miss A‘s “Hush”.

“Hush” is a song that TWICE has performed numerous times. Most recently, Tzuyu was part of a star-studded cover performance during the KBS Song Festival last December.

TWICE were more than happy to oblige, and got ready for an impromptu performance of “Hush”. However, ONCEs spotted Jeongyeon and Sana looking lost.

The two girls couldn’t remember the choreography and ended up clapping and dancing around instead.

You can watch the full, impromptu performance below.