TWICE’s Jeongyeon Stuns With Her New Super Short Hair Cut At The Lotte Family Concert

Jeongyeon’s visuals were on a whole different level.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has proved that she slays with any hair length, but short hair is definitely her specialty. She’s sported short hair since debut, only occasionally going for longer locks.

Jeongyeon pictured during MV shooting for “Dance The Night Away”

Jeongyeon is most comfortable with short hair and usually opts for a neck-length cut with a light brown/blonde color.

For the Lotte Family Concert, however, Jeongyeon decided to go for a pitch black bob cut shorter than usual and after seeing the pictures ONCEs forgot how to breathe. This new look says one thing: Jeongyeon did not come to play.

Jeongyeon’s duality with this look is also amazing. With her bright smile she turns from fierce vixen who means business into a soft and sweet angel.

Ah, Jeongyeon. Please keep blessing us with your never-ending supply of flawless visuals.