TWICE’s Jeongyeon Took Off Her Shoes, Fans Completely Blown Away 

A photo of Jeongyeon taking shoes off in the middle of a performance has resurfaced.

It was taken at one of their “Knock Knock” performances in May 2017.

In the middle of their performance, Jeongyeon discovered that there was something wrong with her shoes and eventually decided to subtly take them off… And continued dancing in just her socks!

Of course, their fans noticed it and have voiced their concerns about how the two members always seem to have bigger shoes.

Fellow member Momo seems to have suffered the same ordeal and performed with only one shoe on. In a clip, it was revealed that one of her shoes came off while she was dancing.

Nonetheless, they were more than impressed by how Jeongyeon managed to continue the performance without any hassle!

Classy move, right?