TWICE’s Jihyo And Chaeyoung Couldn’t Forget About Mina At The “Soribada Awards”

They’ll always be nine in their hearts.

TWICE‘s Mina hasn’t been a part of their recent schedules because she’s taken time to recover her health. And, the empty space she’s left behind has been felt by all the members.


So, it was only right for them to honor her when they attended the Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

When it was time to do their final bow as a group, Jihyo left a space between her and Chaeyoung, letting go of Chaeyoung’s hand so that it would stay that way.

Although Chaeyoung was a bit confused at first, it became clear the space had been left for Mina. Then, they then bowed as an entire group.


TWICE has made sure to include Mina in everything they’ve done since she’s been resting, making sure everyone won’t forget that they’re whole as nine.