This is how Jihyo celebrated TWICE’s anniversary of first win

TWICE‘s Jihyo took to Instagram to thank ONCEs in celebration of their one year anniversary since their first win.

One year ago today, TWICE ranked first on M Countdown with “Cheer Up” for the first time, marking it one of their proudest and most rewarding moments as an idol group.

In celebration of the special day, Jihyo uploaded a series of selfies and a lengthy post thanking their fans for all their support and promised to strive harder to become better artists.

“ONCE ? You all know what day it is today right~~~?! That’s right! Today is the day TWICE ranked first for the first time ? One year ago today was an incredibly happy day and that happiness was really overwhelming. We’re going to be doing more awesome stuff with our ONCEs, but today is a day I’ll never forget. We’ll always be with the ONCEs who are always by our side, and I believe our ONCEs will cheer for me even when I’m not doing well, so it’ll encourage me to do better ❤️ Even if I say thank you hundreds of times, it won’t be enough, but thank you so much for showing us such unconditional love, I am always grateful ? I’m gifting these selfies to all the ONCEs I’m thankful for ? Well, goodbye ?


By the way, I wasn’t that violent as a kid……..”

— TWICE’s Jihyo


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Congratulations to TWICE and ONCEs!