TWICE’s Mina Chooses The Best Luxury Item To Invest In, And You Might Not Expect It

Here’s why.

Mina recently released an ASMR video on TWICE‘s YouTube channel, where she answered questions about her solo photoshoot and personal interests.

In the video, she was asked to recommend a luxury item to fans.

Are there any small luxury items you’d like to recommend to ONCEs?

Mina thought about her answer for a second before settling on makeup.

To her, makeup is a great choice because you can immediately feel its luxuriousness the moment you use it.

Things that give an instant feeling of luxury? Cosmetics.

— Mina

She highly recommends red lipstick because of its bold look and the instant confidence it gives you.

Lipsticks, especially red lipstick!

— Mina

Mina would definitely know what she’s talking about because she herself has worn red lipstick in the past—and looked unbelievably beautiful!

From glossy red lipstick…

…To matte red lipstick, she never fails to stand out for her elegance and class.

Soothe your soul by watching Mina’s full ASMR interview below.

Source: TWICE