TWICE’s Mina Shows How Important One Spaghetti Noodle Can Be

Ever had your meal ruined by one too many strands of spaghetti? Mina sure hasn’t and, in this episode of TWICE TV, she shows us what perfectionism can do for your cooking.

JYP Entertainment‘s TWICE TV is a web series that features the nine lovely members of TWICE. On the 7th episode, cameras captured the members preparing a meal at a cooking studio. One member, Mina, boasted impressive cooking talent. Her emphasis on precision and attention to detail are sure to impress even the most skilled chefs. She even uses a scale to weigh out the exact amount spaghetti!

Jihyo recorded Jungyeon as she carefully prepared sliced vegetables. Jungyeon cut the onions with ease but found the carrots to be more of a challenge.

Noticing Jungyeon’s problem, Mina kindly offered a hand. How sweet of her!

Mina’s perfectionism came out as she brought out the scale to weigh the perfect amount of spaghetti.

As the other members conversed, Mina remained on task and carefully prepared the right amount.

Now for the sauce! Unfortunately, Mina had a bit of trouble unwrapping the jar.

The wrapper comes off. But wait, there’s more! The lid is sealed on tight.

The jar really put up a fight! Almost there! Just a little bit more Mina!


We expect no less from chef Mina! Even the sauce received the same careful attention as the spaghetti.

Once again, Mina carefully measured the exact amount for the recipe.

Like what you saw? Check out the full episode below:

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