TWICE’s Mina Started This Legendary Move And Fans Are Impressed

Would you know what it is?

TWICE’s Mina is known for her lovely visuals, incredible dancing and singing skills, and for being the camera’s favorite as her photos and video scenes always turn out stunning.

If fellow member Sana started the “Shy Shy Shy” dance, Mina was the originator of another popular move.

She was the one who popularized the “back turn” where she twirls and faces the camera with a lovely expression on her face.

She was apparently the first to do this.

Fans could not stop commending her actions.

Ah, crazy. You can make a movie out of this.

– Korean Netizen

Actress type!

– Korean Netizen

Her visuals were definitely out of this world.

Seriously so pretty!

– Korean Netizen

We’re definitely impressed!

Source: Nate