TWICE’s Momo Was Eliminated From Two Audition Programs But Still Debuted In TWICE, Here’s How

Momo went through a lot of heartbreaks.

TWICE‘s Momo‘s journey to debuting was an interesting one that was full of difficulties. Momo originally auditioned for Superstar K3 with her sister and friends, where she was heavily inspired by artists like Girls’ Generation.

Momo did well during the auditions and passed the 1’st and 2’nd rounds of the show.

Momo didn’t pass the 3’rd round, however, and got eliminated from the program.

There was a silver lining for Momo through this whole journey. Momo got accepted as a trainee for JYP Entertainment after a staff member saw a clip of her dancing skills.

After 3 years of being a trainee, Momo had to participate in another survival program. She had to participate in SIXTEEN, which was the survival program that created TWICE.

Momo was unfortunately eliminated from the show, where she was the third trainee to get eliminated.

During SIXTEEN‘s conclusion, Momo was brought back after some consideration from Park Jin Young. He thought that Momo was needed in the group and that her dancing skills would reinforce the group.

Here is the full video below!