TWICE’s Momo Just Danced To A Whole List Of Hits, While Sitting In A Car

The true dancing machine.

All of us would’ve had moments where we heard an absolute bop come in on the radio–and started dancing to it.

TWICE‘s Momo recently went on VLIVE for nearly 7 hours, where she took it to another level by dancing to a whole list of songs while sitting in her car.

Momo started off with Stray Kids‘ latest song, “MIROH” (59:20).

She then covered Wonder Girl‘s “Why So Lonely” (1:00:47).

She also covered, “Be My Baby” (1:04:09), “Like This” (1:04:58), and the worldwide hit, “Nobody” (1:30:14).

Fans are begging for Momo to release a full dance cover after she danced to “DALLA DALLA”(1:06:48), by their juniors, ITZY.

We need more TWICE x ITZY moments and we need them now

Momo moved on to cover hits by Miss A, with “Only You” (1:10:35), “Touch” (1:12:30), “Hush” (1:14:40), “Good-Bye Baby” (1:17:30) and “Breathe” (1:19:00).

Momo dancing to “Hush”

Who could have missed out on her covers of “My house” by 2PM (1:21:40), and “Who’s your mama” by J.Y. Park himself? (1:31:16)

Jeongyeon made a guest appearance and performed the CHUNG HA’s hit, “Gotta Go” (1:40:40).

You can watch the VLIVE in question down below.