TWICE’s Momo Once Lost Patience With Nayeon Over Indirect Kisses

Momo insisted they review the footage for proof.

TWICE is undeniably a close group. They share a natural chemistry and the strength of their friendship makes everyone jealous, however, there was on occasion in which Nayeon tested Momo‘s patience, pushing it to the limit.

When the women of TWICE were out having a meal, Momo noticed that she and Nayeon kept drinking out of the same water glass, which Nayeon adamantly denied.

Source: MoMo JJang 모모짱/YouTube

Momo knew what she saw and insisted that they review the video clip footage later…

Source: MoMo JJang 모모짱/YouTube

… Which, of course, revealed Nayeon and Momo essentially taking turns drinking from the same glass!

Source: MoMo JJang 모모짱/YouTube

Sharing a cup like this is often referred to as having an indirect kiss. How many indirect kisses did Momo and Nayeon share? We lost count!

Watch the whole clip below: