TWICE’s Momo Was Relatable AF During This Live Broadcast

Same, girl. Same.

During a live broadcast on August 29 (KST), members of TWICE were chatting casually about different topics. Nayeon started the live stream off by sharing that she was drinking hot water with honey because she caught a cold. She apologized to ONCEs for coughing during a recent hi-touch event before asking if she should share what was in her bag. Momo and Chaeyoung encouraged Nayeon to do a “what’s in my bag” segment,  so she acquiesced their curiosity by revealing the random items she was carrying with her.

  • A permanent marker so she can do a sign whenever and wherever
  • A cute plushie AirPod case
  • A pouch that Chaeyoung bought for her
  • A pouch that Momo bought for her

But the highlight of the live broadcast, and truly a relatable AF moment was when Momo, who was off-screen, shared that she had no appetite that day. She declares, “So annoying! Why don’t I have an appetite today?”

It is then observed that Momo is on her second dish of takoyaki…

And you normally can’t eat more than four plates with a low appetite…

Momo then reveals that she is, in fact, now on her fourth plate. 😂 Who else here also has a “low appetite”? 😜