TWICE’s Momo Repeatedly Slipped On Stage, So Jeongyeon, Jihyo, And Dahyun Stepped In To Save The Day

They did their best to keep her from falling.

On day one of the Golden Disk Awards, TWICE performed their hits “Yes Or Yes” and “Fancy”. For their performance of the latter, they moved to the stage. That’s where things started to become difficult for Momo.

After executing one of the dance moves, she lost her balance, crouching forward and throwing her hands out to prevent herself from falling. With Jihyo‘s additional help of trying to steady her, it caused the opposite reaction.

When Momo stood back up, she kept her hands ready at her sides. Jihyo lent a hand by reaching out and grabbing her arm, trying to give Momo strength to steady herself. Instead, it caused her to slip even more and fall to the floor. Fortunately, Momo quickly bracing herself with a hand. TWICE looks out for each other, though, and Dahyun was ready to step in next.

After seeing everything that happened, Dahyun made sure that Momo hadn’t been harmed and braced a hand at her back so that she wouldn’t slip anymore. Jeongyeon lent her support as well.

Momo had slipped so much that she couldn’t bear to see it any longer. When she was close enough, she grabbed Momo’s hand and held tight onto it until the end of the performance.

Slippery stages are a safety hazard that should be a high priority to handle. Even though Momo could’ve been seriously harmed, she did her best and went as far as keeping a smile on her face. TWICE also did as much as they could to help.

See Jihyo, Dahyun, and Jeongyeon come to Momo’s rescue from what could’ve been a dangerous situation.


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