Even TWICE’s Momo Admits Tzuyu Is An “Untouchable” Maknae

She knows not to mess with Tzuyu.

On an episode of MBC‘s Radio Star TWICE‘s Momo spoke about the affection she shows her younger members.

Momo (left) and Sana (right) | Radio Star/MBC Entertainment

The TWICE member admitted that she loves to show affection by physical contact with her younger members. Look at how Chaeyeon agrees with Momo.

Dahyun testified that Momo indeed loves physical contact with the younger members.

Dahyun | Radio Star/MBC Entertainment

Momo then confessed she loves touching Dahyun’s amazing skin.

Momo (left) and Dahyun (right) | Radio Star/MBC Entertainment

Chaeyeon also testified saying, Momo tickles her a lot. Momo admitted she does it because the members’ reactions are so fun.

Dahyun (left) and Chaeyeon (right) | Radio Star/MBC Entertainment

MC Kim Gook Jin then asked Momo, “How about Tzuyu?” Tzuyu who is the youngest member in TWICE surely would receive the most love, right?

Defcon (left) and Kim Gook Jin (right) | Radio Star/MBC Entertainment

I don’t do that to Tzuyu very often


Momo confessed that she doesn’t touch Tzuyu as often as other members.

Momo | Radio Star/MBC Entertainment

MC Ahn Young Mi spoke as to the probable reason why, saying, “Can you imagine how she would react if she did? She would react as a robot would”, alluding to Tzuyu’s renowned stoicism.

The members agreed, with Jihyo saying that Tzuyu allows members to touch her only about once a year!

It seems Tzuyu is taking “untouchable” to a whole another level!

Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

Take a look at the whole video below!

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