TWICE’s Nayeon Admits To Struggles With Extreme Dieting Ahead Of Solo Comeback

Here’s what she did.

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently opened up about her strict diet and fitness regimen during a guest appearance on Fridge Interview, which was hosted by fellow TWICE member Sana.

The “POP!” singer is gearing up for a comeback, so they had interesting conversations surrounding the comeback process and her thoughts and experiences throughout it.

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TWICE’s Nayeon (left) and Sana (right)

At one point, Sana brought up the topic of Nayeon’s stage outfits and her intense workout routine. Jokingly, she mentioned hearing that Nayeon had been working out so much that she was ready to take off her clothes and show off her abs.

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This prompted Nayeon to share the behind-the-scenes reality of her preparations. She explained that JYP Entertainment producer and founder Park Jinyoung had suggested she get in shape for the comeback, which led her to adopt a strict diet and exercise schedule.

  • Sana: I was curious what outfit you would wear, and I heard from the staff that you’ve been working out a lot. I was wondering how you would come out, but during the jacket shoot, you were ready to take off your clothes?
  • Nayeon: You’re revealing a lot on Fridge Interview… When we first started working on the album, PD Park Jinyoung said, “It would be good if you got in shape.” So I thought I should work out.

Nayeon went on to express frustration over the uneven results of her hard work, noting the differences in body types among the members. She pointed out that some people like Momo seem to naturally maintain defined abs without much effort.

TWICE’s Momo

On the other hand, she had to undergo extreme measures, including starvation and rigorous exercise routines, to achieve similar results. Despite her efforts, the results were inconsistent. She was disappointed that her abs would be visible one day but disappear the next.

But honestly, many people can relate to this. There are body types that don’t show much change even with exercise. What really frustrates me is for example, with Momo, she says she hasn’t done any ab workout for a year, but she still has them. Even if she eats and gets on stage, they’re still clearly defined.

But I had to starve and eat protein and work out every morning and evening, whenever I had time. Even after all that, I wondered if it was abs or just shadows. It would show one day and disappear the next.

β€” TWICE’s Nayeon

Even though the results were disheartening, she noted that she didn’t give up. “But I still had to workout hard before the comeback.”

Watch the full video below.

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