TWICE’s Nayeon Had A Hilarious Response To A ONCE Saying He’s Going On A Date

It just shows that ONCE and TWICE are besties.

Recently, the girls of TWICE held a live broadcast to talk and interact with fans. There, one fan commented that he had a date with his girlfriend, and Nayeon had this to say!

As Nayeon was reading the comments, she spotted the fan’s words and immediately had this hilarious response.

Don’t lie to us!

She re-read the comment once more so her members could hear, and joked that it sounded like a lie. Of course, Nayeon said it in a light-hearted way, proving just how close the bond ONCEs have with the members of TWICE!

The members got in on the fun too! Sana joked that the ONCE was bluffing, giggling as she did so.

The members once again show that just because their idols and fans doesn’t mean they can’t joke around and have fun together, and TWICE are indeed the queens of being friends with their supporters.