TWICE’s Nayeon Talks About Loving Herself With Nylon

Even her heart is beautiful!

TWICE‘s Nayeon was chosen as Nylon‘s Fashion Magazine cover girl for the month of August. It’s her first solo pictorial since her debut.

She showed off her beauty with natural make-up. During the shoot, Nayeon was praised for her positive mood and her natural poses, oozing her own unique aura. Taken just before TWICE kicked off their “TWICELIGHTS” tour, she was able to have a photoshoot with the magazine before her schedule got busy.

When asked about her schedule as a 4-year girl group, Nayeon stated that it varies depending on what activities are planned, but she usually wakes up at 6AM.

Nayeon had spent six years as a trainee and four years as a debuted idol. When this was brought up, she said,

I thought it wasn’t too long or short, but I spent all my teenage years doing this.

When talking about beauty, Nayeon showed off just how humble she is with a simple statement,

It’s true there are people more beautiful than me, but I still like myself.

She explained that there used to be parts of herself that she didn’t like, but as time went on, she learnt to love herself.

After all, I have only this body.

Nayeon just proved that not only are her visuals beautiful, but her heart is as well!

Source: Naver