TWICE’S Nayeon’s Love For Kids Is Making ONCEs Smile

Her reaction when she sees kids is simply adorable.

ONCEs agree that TWICE loves all their fans equally. However, fans were quick to point out that Nayeon loves kids more than anything! 

Her reaction to these young ONCEs have some wishing to take a sip from the fountain of youth.

Kids can’t seem get enough of Nayeon…

…which is great, because Nayeon can’t seem to get enough of them

Fans have even spotted her taking time during a concert to greet young ONCEs.

Her love for kids is undeniable – however, the feelings may not always be mutual.

Nayeon isn’t the only member who loves kids. Momo and Sana once took time before their flight to play with a girl at an airport’s fun zone.

Source: Youtube