TWICE’s New Official Tour Merchandise Features Items Designed By Each Member

Who knew TWICE were also fashion designers?

TWICE just tweeted the merchandise list for their upcoming TWICELIGHTS World Tour, and a lot of the items seems to be designed by the members!

There are tons of amazing goods that will be available to ONCEs, but there are 14 special items on the list were designed by the members. Each item really showcases each member’s different personality and unique charms.

Nayeon designed two simple yet super cute T-shirts for the tour one of them cropped.

Jeongyeon designed a paper hanger with her face on it… Now you can know what it would look like if Jeongyeon wore all of your clothes (we’ll take 10!)

Momo designed a sweatsuit combo. Momo knows the importance of being fashionable but comfortable and it shows.

From Sana, there is a cotton candy-scented body lotion. If the smell is good enough for and designed by Sana, ONCEs are definitely in for a treat!

Practical queen Jihyo designed an adorable sleepy-looking case for your laptop. Whether you’re working or playing on your laptop, you can think about Jihyo and melt your stresses away.

Comfortable-yet-cute seems to be the name of the game with a lot of these items; Mina offers a “Minguin” (Mina + penguin) cushion. ONCEs who plan on camping out need this item. (Again, we’ll take 10!)

Don’t let fine dust, pollen, or any kind of airborne contaminants get you down! All you need is Dubu Dahyun‘s “Tofu Mask!” Also very useful if you just want Dahyun’s cute tofu smile to keep you company around town.

Chaeyoung designed not one, not two, not three, but four T-shirts for all of ONCEs’ T-shirt needs. The strawberry design shirts are reminiscent of the track with the same name from TWICE’s FANCY YOU mini album, and Chaeyoung’s pink-blonde hair.

Tzuyu designed a trashcan, and at first it may seem like a strange choice. When you look at the trashcan’s cute little face, though, all of that goes out of the window as you inevitably go to your shopping cart and add 10 – no 20!

Nayeon and Momo teamed up for the last TWICE-designed item which is a simple pouch bag! There you can store your wallet, phone, all the essentials… or all of the TWICE tour merch that you just bought! Catch these items online starting May 20, or at a stop on TWICE’s TWICELIGHTS tour!