TWICE’s Sana Is The Biggest Daddy’s Girl, And Her Bond With Her Dad Will Warm Your Heart

Her dad really treasures her.

TWICE‘s Sana is the biggest daddy’s girl, and the way she talks about her bond with her dad will warm your heart and make you go, “awww!

She’s so close to her father, that whenever she seems him, she automatically runs up to him and jumps on his back, piggyback style!

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

When Heechul asked her to clarify whether she still does that now, she shared that she does!

Not too long ago I was earing new shoes, but my feet hurt so much, so I took off my shoes and ran to my dad, and he gave me a piggyback ride.


Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

It seems that no matter how old Sana gets, she’ll always be a little girl in her father’s eyes! Sana is very lucky – we could all use someone who treats us so preciously in our lives!

Watch the whole clip below: