TWICE’s Sana Couldn’t Keep Her Hands Off Dahyun And Fans Are Wondering What K-Drama This Is

“Are they filming an emotional drama?”

TWICE were recently seen at the airport to attend to their overseas schedules. There, Sana was spotted back-hugging fellow member Dahyun, and she just couldn’t let her go!

Things got even more heart-fluttering when Dahyun turned her head to look at Sana, and the two locked eyes. It seems even the girls felt butterflies in their stomachs as they were seen giggling as they held each other.

TWICE is known for being warm and carming with their members, and Sana specifically is known for showering her members with skinship. It’s no secret that Sana adores her members, and this just proves it.

Some ONCEs are comparing the sweet moment to a K-Drama, with Dahyun being the leading lady and Sana as the charismatic male lead. Some have even joked that it’s reminiscent of the iconic Titanic scene in which Jack holds Rose’s waist from the back.

Are they filming an emotional drama?

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo