TWICE’s Sana Had The Cutest Reaction To An LGBT+ Female ONCE Revealing She Has A Girlfriend

This is one of the most precious fan interactions.

Amid the current pandemic, TWICE recently held a video call fansign with lucky ONCEs—including female fan Kasia, known as itskasia on YouTube. And when Kasia revealed to Sana that she has a girlfriend, Sana had the most precious reaction.

A dedicated ONCE, Kasia also attended a “Fancy” fansign last year, so this wasn’t her first time meeting her idols. Conversational in both Korean and Japanese, language genius Kasia had little trouble communicating with them.

When she reached her talk time with Sana, Kasia first taught her how to say “I love you” in Polish (which is “kocham cię”, if you’re wondering). Then, she moved on to telling Sana all about her travels.

Kasia was born in Poland and currently lives and attends university in the UK. But with her graduation approaching next month, she has a big plan coming up in September: moving to Korea.

When Kasia told Sana her moving plans, Sana seemed surprised, leading Kasia to explain the reason for her major life change.

I want to live together with my girlfriend.

— Kasia

Revealing her same-sex relationship must have been nervewracking for this ONCE, but Sana had the perfect reaction.

With the biggest smile, she asked Kasia to tell her more.

With your girlfriend? You have a girlfriend? Since when?

— Sana

Unfortunately, the 1-minute timer cut Kasia’s conversation with Sana off, but Sana proceeded to give her fan the cutest farewell wave.

I will remember!

— Sana

It may seem small, but Sana’s happy reaction is a clear sign she has nothing but support in her heart for LGBT couples.

What a lovely interaction for such a dedicated ONCE! On her Twitter account, @sugoimomoring, Kasia revealed she and her girlfriend actually had their first date before a Twicelights concert in Seoul—what could be cuter?!

Watch Kasia’s full video here: