TWICE’s Sana Fell On The Red Carpet of The Fact Music Awards And Still Managed To Be Absolutely Adorable

Even when falling, she’s adorable!

April 24, 2019, marked the first-ever The Fact Music Awards. There, TWICE graced the red carpets with their gorgeous visuals.

One member who couldn’t stay away from the spotlight though is member Sana, but it may not be for the reason she wants.

While walking the carpet, Sana accidentally lost her balance while walking in heels, falling before she even makes it on to the stairs for the platform.

Dahyun, who is behind her, is quick to react and helped her up.

Sana couldn’t help but laugh at how clumsy she was during the fall.

She still manages to regain her composure and pose for the cameras. Good on her for being such a good sport!

While going down, member Nayeon helped her go down the stairs so she wouldn’t fall again.

Hopefully, Sana is okay and that she didn’t sustain any injuries!